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Men's Neckties

You can choose from the Dela-Wares designs, or I can create a new design for you.  Check out that crab design.

$23.00 each



 What else can I say???  I wanted to play with something new! All your favorite scents!

 $12.95 each please contact me if you would like some for your shop.                            

Benefits of Soy Candles

Soy Candles last much longer than candles made of petroleum based paraffin, the ingredient found in most candles. In addition to lasting longer, they burn slower and cooler which helps to better distribute fragrance, and are less likely to trigger allergies.

There are even health benefits to burning soy candles vs traditional candles.  Most traditional candles cause soot which is caused by the toxic elements in traditional candles that are released when ignited. Soy candles are all natural and do not contain any toxins which means very little to no soot.







Embroidered  Totes:

Natural Canvas or Duck Cloth

Nylon handles

8"x8" $10.00 each.

13x14 $15.00 each 

Choose design



Ok what is an ET???  It's my everything design!  It has all the state symbols and the Great Seal Of The State of Delaware in the middle.  This is a very intricate design, and I usually make them up and put them in a nice frame.  ($60.00 each)  If you would like this embroidery design placed on something else, feel free to contact me.


Yep...I'm into making jewelry too!  Here are some of the "one of a kind" sets that I've made.  Tell me what color, and let me create what you would like.

Each set includes earrings too! 

$38.00 per set

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