A wonderful thing has happened to Delabears!!!!   We were chosen to be on TV!!   That's right!  HGTV has a show called That's Clever, and the gang came and filmed the show at our house!   Have fun looking at some of the pictures that were taken on that glorious day. It took about 8 hours of filming in order to get 20 minutes worth of "air time".  The show aired in 2010!  It was really funny to watch myself on TV.


Here are the two "stars" of the show!

On the left, HG Weatherbear is made from fuzzy synthetic fur, is holding a thermometer, and hangs at an angle outside your window from suction cups so that he looks like he is peeking inside. $15.00

On the right, is Jammies!!  He is being created in a number of flavors of "Jam", has his own "peanut butter blanket", and is gently tucked between two slices of foam bread.  $36.00